Thursday, December 15, 2016

Upon Witnessing the Upside-Down-Car-Skid

{This was originally written as a post on Facebook on November 17, 2016. The year, and particularly the month of November, has left so many careening with questions, non-answers, and a sincere desire to find Hope and Truth wherever possible}.
When you suddenly see smoke and shattering in the oncoming lane up ahead and traffic careening, and you pull over and find yourself sprinting across the highway to the end of a trail of smeared glass and car parts, and from the flattened overturned vehicle you watch a young man crawl out on all fours, dazed and shocked and very very pale, and a gruff man is barking from 5 feet away, Don't move!! Stay there!! Don't get up!! you head straight for him anyway, needing to see his face and eyes to see if he okay, but now he is face down on the pavement with his knees and elbows tucked under him, and while another woman is caressing his upper back, you find the only spot of bare skin of his lower back on which you firmly place your hand and in a low voice repeat quietly, We got you, We got you, and irritating stupid cold tears are running down your face and you don't want anyone to know, because they'll incorrectly assume you're hysterical, when in fact you are very very present and aware, ready to do absolutely anything to help this man, right here, right now. 
We can see something happen right in front of us, or even out of the corner of our eye, and continue along our merry way so happy the sun is shining and casting rainbows through the new crystal hanging from the rearview mirror, or we can stop everything and run straight into the chaos, reach out to touch and feel and stare it straight in the face, to really really Know. Because the world is changing very very fast, not just by the decade, not by the year, but every freaking DAY. We are a witness to something Very Important, every. single. day.
At the park later, after you were assured that the young man was all right (really?), overwhelmed by the enormity of change and needed change, when you're madly flail-sprinting through the meadow trying to get back into your own body, and your mind is screaming as a result of weeks of catastrophes, There is so much I must do!!! - We have so much to do!!! - I have so much to do!! - and when you finally stop in the forest at the same place you seem called to every time you're there, you cry for real, and the thought that gives you the most peace without knowing at all what it means is, "I'm going in."
And when you pass the accident scene only 1.5 hours later, there is no evidence that anything occurred there at all, except a small puddle of blue glass dust at the median. We can "let it go" and forget it happened, or we can hold steady to the Big Experiences we are rapidly accumulating, even be haunted by them, and let them lead us straight into Next, facing Fu*@ing Forward, eyes wide open and hands and arms extended, stupid tears and all.

Trista Hill is a professional harpist and fine artist, creativity coach, educator in the arts, and Board-Certified Music Therapist. What her formal degrees in music and art gave her pale in comparsion to the gifts she's experienced in working with creatives just like you. Visit her website — — for links to her monthly letter, blog, listening library & compositions, performances, and offerings to further you along your own glorious creative journey.  

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