Monday, August 03, 2009

Writings / Sitings

A friend asked me to contribute an article to the July-August 2009 edition of Journey Magazine; the topic was "Old Wisdom, New Age" to coincide with a feature on Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Follow the links below to the online pdf version of the magazine to read how my submissions turned out.

Bios of Contributors -- page 5.
(Yeah, would have chosen a different photo here, given the chance.)

The Wisdom of Remembering We Are Enough -- page 10.

Somewhere between Summertime and Stairway to Heaven
at the last concert. Thanks BD -- better than the other photo
of my elastic face at the harp. Looks like a squint, eh?

I was also recently quoted in the Party & Special Events Planner 2009 (June) of the Ohio Jewish Chronicle. This article, "Professionals Are Gold: Don't Be 'Penny Wise and Pound Foolish'", addresses the benefits of hiring professional musicians to play for wedding ceremonies and receptions. And because I can't find an online version, below is what appears in the publication, page 5:

"Local harpist Trista Hill agrees that using professional musicians for weddings is important. 'A lot of times someone will get a brother or friend who plays in a band and they have no idea about adjusting the timing or tempo as the wedding party processes,' she says. 'Music is most often what pulls all the "actions" of a special event together. A professional musician knows the importance of timing and transitions, and demonstrates a level of musical skill that enables her to also pay very close attention and adjust to what is happening around her. Being present in this way is crucial in creating a seamless musical experience, and can make even the unplanned parts of an event appear intentional!"

Thanks TC and PS for the opportunity to contribute to your publications.

How often do you, as a writer / musician / creator, want to completely redo your work after the world sees it?