Sunday, October 11, 2009


At exactly 10 am today, I heard my battery-operated clock explode off the bedroom wall -- I found it face up on the edge of a prized pillow where it had stopped working.

Work, inner and outer, lots of it. Picture time, which captures approximately 1/4 of recent goings-on.

The harp needs no amplification
in the monster space of First Congregational

I'm playing differently as a result of this year's workshop in Maine. This is extremely important though I'm unsure where this is headed. More on this later.

One of the highlights here included getting stuck
with my harp in their tiny and ancient elevator

Big projects are in the works. And they keep coming... or going.



Tree removal and shingle removal / replacement that took way too long. Yes, that's right, the roof is now WHITE.

Before and after gigs and teaching and yet another meeting I t
ry to remember what day it is and crochet a few more rows and bake focaccia or orange bundt cake with chocolate ganache and don't exactly follow recipes. And then dive into working on the massive commissioned floorcloth that required tearing up the art room while listening for what Pandora deems similar to my entries of Radiohead and Nick Drake.

Floorcloth clampdown hem-gluing and
blue blob of a kneeling towel -- highly technical

And if the sun shines through the turning maple outside, the workroom is washed with a nearly perfect ethereal hue that for as long as I can remember has inspired me to
keep going.

B gets tired of all this and curls up quiet
when I pull her bed up next to me while I work

What's your work?