Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Art space

Over the years I have struggled with whether to devote my time to art or music. But trying to choose between -- or among, as other art forms have been added to the mix since then -- is time wasted; they are inseparable, all part of the same voice.

I've finally created an online shop through Etsy after getting over the idea that I don't have enough similar items to put in it. Though not excited about the fees, they are minimal compared to other online shops. Etsy visits have exploded as we value others' skills and abilities and turn again to handmade and unique creations. So though I prefer to be contacted directly for anything I have to sell (!), without Etsy many wouldn't know I exist. It's a true joy to browse through the Etsy website and see what so many are creating!

he above advent calendar was a fun challenge due to the size of canvas I chose to use. The original idea came from a felt and velcro version I made while attending a Waldorf grade school. This version should last longer than that one! See the Etsy store for a more detailed description and additional pictures. A larger version of the advent calendar (sold) also appears here, though it's an example of an older painting style. For fun, also check out my Floorcloth Design Gallery for pet mats and other items -- amazing what you find on your own website when you go looking!!

This heather grey afghan sold immediately. Another in light tan / caramel / camel (how to adequately convey color over the internet?) is available, and another in rich garnet red is coming soon. Working on these is the perfect way to while away the dark hours listening to music while keeping warm. The pattern results in a blanket with good heft and the pattern is classic and timeless!

It will be interesting to see decisions around giving / buying this holiday season. Predicting is pointless -- I have more harp jobs this season than I expected. It's a time of hope and joy and thinking more creatively than ever.

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  1. I must say that your advent calendar is so beautiful.. I found your blog off etsy. Ah, this blog is a lovely place to be.