Sunday, July 20, 2008

As Is

What bugs me
Is that you believe what you're saying
What bothers me
Is that you don't know how you feel
What scares me
Is that while you're telling me stories
You actually believe that they are real

-- Ani DiFranco, As Is

Unacceptable truth #1 -- I have a stack of unread copies of my favorite magazine (and I have many subscriptions) -- Paste. It comes each month with a CD of tunes from artists of all genres. This publication perfectly offsets the Complete Frustration of the Everyday. I'm now listening to John Scofield's "The Low Road" from one sampler; it followed The Innocence Mission's "Into Brooklyn..."

Unacceptable truth #2 -- all my CDs remain packed up in bags and boxes since last year's renovation. Citing a lack of an appropriate storage unit is lame, as anything is better than where they currently reside.

Callie the Bengal cat enjoys the year-old subfloor,
not questioning when she'll see the real thing.
She's just grateful she no longer has to worry about
falling through to the basement.

Unacceptable truth #3 -- I did not attend Deborah Henson-Conant's workshop this year, the same one I ate up last year. Flat out, straight up, unacceptable.

I cannot get enough of Sirius Radio Channel 16 -- The Vault. "Deeper Classic Rock" means old Genesis, Yes, Led Zep, Cream, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Hendrix, etc. that terrestrial radio didn't play. These were my first examples of improvisation.

I cannot get on top of my yard. The current prevailing weed is Queen Anne's Lace, taller than I. Pretty in the picture, isn't it? It's carrot scent doesn't redeem it's overwhelming presence in my beds.

They were right when they said that at the three-month post-surgery mark you will finally start feeling like yourself. I have big plans in the works.

A billion weddings since the last post. This was one of my favorites -- thanks to J & S for the opportunity to share their special day at the Park of Roses.

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